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Immigration Law

Each year millions of immigrants come to the U.S. to pursue the American Dream or to seek protection against the atrocious human rights violations they endured in their country of birth. Unfortunately, to follow this dream, immigrants have to face mountains of paperwork and red tape from U.S. governmental agencies. At Ramos Law Firm, we will defend all your rights before the courts and governmental agencies and provide you with the proper guidance through your immigration process. We will help you to find the right pathway to achieve your American Dream.

Removal and Deportation Defense

At Ramos Law Firm we represent and defend our clients rights before the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals against removal or deportation from the U.S. We help our clients and their families obtaining asylee or refugee status, cancelling their removal process or adjusting their status and becoming Legal Permanent Resident before the Immigration Courts.


It is an immigration remedy that allows immigrants to be protected against removal if they have suffered persecution in their home country and fear future persecution if they return. To qualify for Asylum, you must have suffered persecution based on Race, Nationality, Religion, Particular Social Group, and/or Political Opinion. 

If you fear returning to your home country, call us, you might qualify for Asylum.

Cancelation of Removal

It is an immigration defense against removal for certain immigrants with US citizens or legal permanent resident family members who will suffer an extreme and unusual hardship by removing the family member in Removal Proceedings. Under Immigration Law, both legal permanent residents and immigrants with no legal status may qualify for Cancellation of Removal. 

If you are in Immigration Court Proceedings and are a legal permanent resident and have lived continuously for seven years OR do not have legal status and have lived continuously for ten years, call us, you might qualify for this remedy.

Family-Based Immigration

Family Petition: This is a petition made by a US citizen or, in some cases, a legal permanent resident that petitions a family member and allows the immigrant family member to become a US lawful permanent resident through adjustment of status in the US or consular process abroad. 

Fiancé Visa: It is a petition under the family immigration category that allows a US citizen to petition his/her fiancé partner abroad. Through Fiancé Visa, the immigrant partner will be allowed to enter legally to the US and become a US legal permanent resident in the US.

U Visa

This is an immigration remedy for immigrants who have been victims of specific criminal activity in the US, its territories or that violate the laws of the US, cooperated with the police or law enforcement in the investigation, and suffered substantial physical or mental harm. The U Visa remedy opens a pathway to becoming a US citizen in the future.


It is an immigration remedy for immigrants who are under the age of eighteen (twenty-one in Maryland) and were subject to abuse, abandonment, or negligence by both or one of his/her parent(s). This immigration remedy will protect the immigrant against removal and opens a pathway to becoming a US citizen in the future.


This is an immigration remedy for those immigrants who are married, are a child or parent of a US citizen or permanent resident, and were subject to battery or extreme cruelty by this US citizen family member. VAWA recipients become legal permanent residents and later can apply for citizenship.

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At Ramos Law Firm, we are here to find solutions to your legal issues and give you the peace of mind you deserve. We are a boutique law firm that operates by its core values and goes the extra mile to help our clients to understand their legal rights. At Ramos Law Firm we know that each case in unique; we give the personalized attention and importance they need.

Ramos Law Firm staff members are highly experienced, prepared, kind, and passionate for our clients’ needs. Our members speak fluent English, Spanish, and French. If you are concerned or have questions about your legal situation schedule a consultation with us. Our members are here to help.

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Our team is highly experienced, passionate about our job, and always going the extra mile for the client's legal needs. All our members are fluent English and Spanish speakers.

Gabriel A. Ramos Cuevas, Esq.

Gabriel A. Ramos Cuevas, Esq.

Founder and Principal Attorney

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Cuban ascendants, Gabriel developed the love for law at a young age by seeing his parents fighting for those in need. As a descendant of a Cuban immigrant, Gabriel knows all the difficulties immigrants face in the U.S. In 2008, Gabriel obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Puerto Rico. Later, in 2015 he received a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Subsequently, in the summer of 2018, Gabriel completed his Juris Doctor studies and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. In 2019, Gabriel was admitted to the Puerto Rico Bar and since has maintained a legal practice in Immigration Law. He is fluent in English and Spanish, the Founder and Principal Attorney of Ramos Law Firm. Gabriel is passionate about his clients and always goes the extra mile for their legal needs.

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